Cantine Terrenostre: Cossano Belbo

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The winery Terrenostre® is situated in Cossano Belbo, a small village along the Belbo valley, in the province of Cuneo, and counts about 1200 inhabitants.

It is near by the Asti district border and few kilometres to Alba, the “capital” of Langhe; an environment with innumerable naturalistic, historical and literary aspects, for example Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio were special writers about this area, its inhabitants and their fortunes. Moreover the Langhe hills boast about a prestigious food tradition and important wines, well-known and appreciated all over the world.

Indeed that is a famous and rich land, where the tourists can find easily the ancient tastes and the good traditions, which are still alive and developed in this area.

Many are the tourists, Italians and foreigners, who come here in the different periods of the year, attracted not only to the beauty of these landscapes, but also to the excellence of food and to the quality of wines.

Many are also those who stay in this area, where they can discover the peace and the serenity of a life in contact with the nature and very far from the hectic pace of urban districts.

Cossano Belbo is situated in the heart of this area, where the hills are higher, more irregular and various, with an alternation of steep slopes and big valleys.
On the hillsides there are the orderly vineyards that is the characteristic “sorì”, from where the finest products come from.

The village is well-known for some food products, for the excellent level of restaurants, for the presence of companies in different fields, of a stone mill which produces great organic flours and of two Cooperatives: the Cantina Terrenostre and the Carni Vallebelbo which produces great salami and fine Piedmontese meat.

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