Cantine Terrenostre: cantina Dolcetto e Moscato

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The Terrenostre® SCA, Cantina Dolcetto and Moscato, was found in 1961 in Cossano Belbo, in the province of Cuneo between Alba and Asti, from a small group of 31 wine producers.

It have continued to rise the number of the members over the years and now there are 200 wine-producers partners, who work in Cossano Belbo area and the surrounding, for a total of 450 hectares of vineyards. The cellar started its activity with the harvest of 1962.

The average grapes contribution started from 3500 quintals during the first years to reach in the last harvests 40.000, with more than 85% of grapes dedicated to the production of different DOCG and DOC wines, all of Piedmontese area and in particular of Langhe district. Indeed all the grapes come just from the wine-producers members, who must give all their production to the cellar.

The grapes derived from wine makers, not members of this company, are not bought. The main objective of Terrenostre was, since the beginning, to produce wines of high quality, among the most famous wines of Piedmont and in particular of Langhe, like the Asti Spumante, the Furmentin, the Dolcetto of Dogliani.

The winery have constantly sought the improvement and the promotion of its products, favouring, first of all, in the vineyard, a low production per hectare and carrying out, during the harvest, strict choices based on different area rules, on ripening and on the grapes health. These parameters are also important for the remuneration of delivered grapes. In this way the company Terrenostre is sure of favouring the continuation of the wine growing on the hills of Langhe, and therefore that is very important for the preservation and the environmental conservation of a unique territory.

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